2016, Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design

Winner of 2016 Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design Logo Contest

The logo is an impossible optical object depicting movement and stillness, either a dynamic shape based on the endless line of the Möbius invention, representing the continuous and unstoppable advance creativity, or a solid and balanced interpretation of the structure of the Macintosh chair, finding a fixed point to connect with the Scottish culture and design.


Year 2016 in Scotland will shine a spotlight on Scotland’s achievements in innovation, architecture and design with a wide-ranging programme of events and festivals, underlined by the support of PR and marketing activity delivered by VisitScotland.
The Year of Innovation, Architecture & Design begins on 1 January 2016 and ends on 31 December 2016.
From textiles to technology, architecture to fashion and design, the year-long programme will highlight on
our greatest assets and icons, as well as our hidden gems.

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Logo ganador del concurso 2016, año de la Innovación, Arquitectura y Diseño.

El logotipo es un objeto con una perspectiva imposible que representa movimiento y quietud, ya sea por la dinámica forma basada en la línea de Möbius (representando la continua e imparable evolución del ingenio y la creatividad de la innovación) o la sólida y equilibrada interpretación de la estructura de la silla de Machintosh (la detección de un objeto con el que conectar con la cultura del diseño escocés.)