Translated, I challenge you to a good time.
This is an adventure book in which both, big and small will need to join forces to find the clues hidden in these pages to solve mysterious robberies; Become pirates to sail the 7 seas in search of an ancient treasure; Join a group of archaeologists looking for a lost city covered in gold; And much more…


The style of this book is inspired from telegrams, magazines, adverts and graphic elements from the 1700s to the 1900s.

Creative direction, illustrations, design and layout of the book.

os reto a un buen rato piratas

The adults’ role in the game

This is an adventure book in which the mission managers, aka the adults, need to follow the DIY instructions at the end of each chapter to organise the tasks that will complete the experience of the game. 
Later on, the mission managers will read the story out loud and explain the tasks the players will need to do to finalise the assignment successfully.

Promotional flyer.