For this project, the main character was a revolutionary piece of engineering. A magnetic tool to open iron manholes dedicated to builders and maintenance professionals work simple and effortless.

Team of two. 
This was my first big project back in 2014.

Our tasks were…

Create a name for the new shop and tools.

Design a visual identity for the brand.

Design and build the eCommerce.

Generate the visual content including photos and promotional video.

Name creation

When we were thinking about a name we had so many engineering and tools specific words… At the end of the session, we thought, what if the name was simply the action one does to use these tools.


The first movement is to press the magnet of the tool on the manhole.


This is the sound the manhole does when is lifted.
Presstok-engineering tools logo
It was important that the general look of the website had to be simple and durable in time, as its product. So we decided to create a video explaining the features of the tool and how to use it. This way the website could be focused on selling its product without having too many graphics creating a distraction.