The Pyrenean Climate Change Strategy is a document which The Pyrenean Observatory of Climate Change has been working on since 2020. It will harmonise climate change policies throughout the massif of the Pyrenees improving the adaptation after the consequences of climate change as well as the needs and particularities of the seven territories that form the working community of the Pyrenees.
Several trans-Pyrenean thematic workshops will be held, addressing issues such as climate, natural spaces, socio-economic systems, and mountain economy, in addition to population, territory, and governance.
The idea of connexion, collaboration, and cooperation is conceptualised from the abstraction of the 7 territories reflected in the geometrical shapes of the Tangram puzzle.
This modular composition shapes an open door that leads to information about the impact of Climate Change in the Pyrenees.

I worked with Lapizicleta agency on this project.

We were a team of 3 people, me being in charge of creating the visual identity and managing the style of the website built by Eduardo Gimenez and the illustrations, done by Carlos Aquilué.

The contrast of Lapizicleta’s illustrations, gives the geometrical composition a more dynamic and visual look, giving representation to the more political and corporate side of the project without forgetting its natural and social purposes.
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Epic cambio gobernanza illustration